INSPRIATION // Soundcloud: Bringing together music creators & listeners.  Dribbble: Allowing people to show & share their designs.  Kathy Lee: Artist. Paper: Ipad drawing app

A community of music sharers and art makers

UX Design  I  Collaboration


I worked with fellow designers Sahana Kumar, Angeline Chen, and Chris Arrowood to create a social network that unites passion for both art and music. We wanted to create a place where one could inspire the other, a place for discovery, and a place for quick bursts of creativity. 


What will this community be like? What will it need? How will it thrive?

Who is our audience? How do we draw them in? How do we encourage them to participate and create?

How do we connect people? What are the social interactions? How do we create a community?


Introducing AV