Kaledioscopic Narrative



The Swiss are recognized for their large posters, placed strategically throughout towns and cities in Switzerland. Visual design is emphasized and all fit the standard F4 size (approximately 3x4 feet). Here I chose to design a swiss poster that told my own personal narrative. 


Inspiration & Metaphor 

When I think of who I am today, I can't help considering who I used to be and how I came to this point. Much of this self evaluation involves reflecting on old childhood memories. It would be cool if i could find a way to show these memories and where they stood in the course of my life. 

I was greatly inspired by kaleidoscopes. The way they distort and transform images when you look through them was a great metaphor for the way I feel when trying to remember my past. Early memories are never completely clear and sometimes they change ever so slightly. I chose to make 7 collages with old photos that resembled kaleidoscopic imagery and arrange them in a spiral. Each collage corresponds to a year in my life. They become more detailed from the center outward, to resemble the development of new memories on top of the old. 



How posters appear throughout Switzerland.

How posters appear throughout Switzerland.


Process & Composition

I drew visual inspiration from swiss typography and their common use of a grid. The grid I chose was a bit different. I used the golden ration to create the composition for these memory blobs I collaged. The result was great because it gave the poster balance and depth. Much of the interaction of this poster is viewing distance.  From far away you see shapes and pattern, but the closer you get you the photos that make up the patterns, the type, and then the story telling. I also used color saturation as a way of symbolizing memory. The richer, clearer memories are colored and the memories from earlier ages become black and white.


(Shown below) the first time it was printed in Switzerland. I brought the original print back to America with me. I then featured the poster in CMU Design Class of 2015 Senior show (shown right.)