Paper to Pixel is an experimental project I began that addresses the transition from tangible expression to digital design. The driving concept behind this is moving something made in the physical world, to the digital, and then again back into physical space.


This project originated from my frustration with digital design and physical making. I found myself painting one night because I felt as though all of my work could be easily deleted at the crash of a hard drive. What had happened to making?


I painted abstract swatches of color with watercolors. I then took these watercolors and scanned them onto my computer using an epson office scanner. As the scanner moved, I moved the paper to distort the scan. 


I wanted to create digital art from something tangible. I wanted this digital work to be beautiful, still paint-like, but look artificial. The individual blobs represent itemization and order, like we store files on a computer.

Shown are the first three of the series. These were printed as posters and sold at the Carnegie Mellon School of Design pop-up shop festival, Sunsmash.



Vera: jellyfish

rhythm  I  video

This project allowed me to explore using music to create a visual rhythmic piece. After choosing a song that resonated with me, I dissected it. What mood did the music make me feel and how can I convey that through visuals and motion. I chose to use jellyfish because of their delicacy, and pulsating nature. 


Annie Hall

Kinetic type  I  motion design

This project allowed me to explore with motion graphics and type. How can you show emotion and personality through type. I love Woody Allen and chose the audio from his movie Annie Hall. In the movie, Annie and Woody have this discussion at a tennis club. I wanted my type to capture their chemistry.