" At the beginning of each new semester or school year, teachers are faced with the challenge of remembering names for a large number of new students. Design an experience to help an educator match faces to names, with the goal of shortening the time needed to reach complete un-aided accuracy. Provide a high-fidelity mock for at least one step of this experience."



Brainstorm Kickoff



I interviewed Sarah and Linda blah blah blah


Final Deliverables



  • Really enjoyed research and interviewing. I became more aware of the questions I asked and the cadence of my speech after listening to myself. 
  • I chose to use material design and android formatting so I could make this a learning experience. 
  • Before I could begin designing one step of the experience, I began creating a product to ground it in. This gave me context for my design but was also a distraction. I spent a lot of time thinking about what other features could be attached that would benefit teacher's needs (for example a way to group faces into seating charts.)
  • After testing it on myself, I would have made the subtext larger so the user knows those are the directions to follow. 
  • If I had more time I would have prototyped it in Principle so I could use animation. I chose not to so animation did not distract from the flow.