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Overview & Challenge

How might we encourage novice members to add essential content to their profile?

Member goals:

How do we show members the value in having a complete profile? How do we motivate them to take action in adding personal information? Having more profile information improves their ranking in search results, which connects them to opportunity. 


20% of members are quality,  driving nearly 90% of all value. How can we improve profile completeness in order to better the LinkedIn ecosystem

(Shown Right) See the profile completion meter featured in LinkedIn's public launch of the redesign.



Drive for quality members



Internal Quality rating



Pre-existing Designs

  • Evaluated previous versions of the profile completion meter
  • Identified the gaps in the problem-solving space
  • Performed competitive analysis (Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, AngelList etc.)
  • Identified goals and room for improvement with my PM for the next version

Brainstorming and Explorations



Novice, active members


Version 1


User Testing

9 members in the Bay Area



This product is Now Launched to Mobile and Desktop 100%